Performance Upgrades

We can fine-tune your computer

When you bring in your computer or laptop to South Wairarapa Computer Services, one of our talented technicians will physically clean out your computer and test all the hardware. Any viruses or spy-ware will be found and removed along with any unnecessary applications or bloat-ware. Any corrupt operating system files will be repaired and Windows will be tuned up and configured to perform faster. All Microsoft security updates will be installed and if necessary an anti-virus program will be installed. 

Our Performance Upgrade/ WOF service consists of the following:

  • Physically clean computer
  • Test all hardware
  • Diagnose any problems
  • Check and repair all system files
  • Remove virus’s and spy-ware
  • Remove bloat ware
  • Clean up and speed up Windows
  • Install all Microsoft security updates
  • Defragment hard drive
  • Install Anti-Virus software

Computer with fast speedo